Metro Clerk Contracts Search

Below are search fields which can be used to find contracts and contract related documents
Please be sure to scroll down after you click Search so you can see the results.
Please note: The number of records being searched is dependent on the search criteria entered, therefore it may take several minutes for results to appear.
Note: Records with Executed Contract in the Document Type column are the fully approved and signed versions of the contract documents.


  • Contract Number: If you know the contract number, use this field to search.
  • Contracting Party/ Supplier Name: The name of the contracted entity doing business with Metro. If you know the business name, enter it in this field. The field has a wildcard automatically built in so if you only know the first part of the name, you may enter it.
  • Department/Agency: The Metro entity for which the contract is intended.
  • Description: The primary items supplied by a contract. Do not use punctuation or generic words such as ‘the’ or ‘and’.
  • Document Type: Currently only the Executed Contracts are available, please use another search criteria.
Generic searches may result in the system timing out after five minutes. Please be specific when searching for records.